In this workshop you will learn to operate both our Trotec and Epilog lasercutter. Only students who have attended this workshop are allowed to use the lasercutters. Our staff will not provide assistance anymore for lasercutting work by students.

We explain you the basics of lasercutting: how to prepare your file; how to make sure the lasercutter will cut and/or engrave what you want; which materials you can use; how the cutting process works and so on.

The workshop lasts for about two hours and every participant will have the opportunity to go through the whole process of designing and cutting a basic shape. You can find the manuals we use during the workshops in the Manuals section of this website.

The Lasercutting Workshops are only organised from September to December every Thursday from 10.00 tot 12.00hrs. You have to register via the Doodles listed in the sidebar. Workshops are in Dutch or in English (on request).

Obligatory if you want to use our lasercutters.