Use and Reservation of our Lasercutters

From Monday 7 January 2019 onwards we traditionally set out a few simple rules in order to offer everybody a democratic possibility to use our lasercutters.

You can still reserve lasertime, only maximum 8 days ahead. Ex on monday 7 Januari you can reserve until monday 14 January, on friday 11 January you can reserve until friday 18 January, etc. You can only make a reservation in person in the Mekano, not by mail, not by telephone, and not by other means. Even in the case of group work the person who makes the reservation is the person who has access to the machine at the time of reservation, mutual changes are not allowed without permission of our staff. For a reservation you pay an advance, deducted from your bill when you use the lasercutter during your reservation. Lasercutter reservations are visible on our calendar page.

Due to safety regulations every use of our lasercutters from now on will be registered. Make sure you have your student card ready when you want to use a lasercutter. Remember that the use of our lasercutters is only allowed for students who attended our Lasercutting Workshop. Our lasercutters can not be used by 1BA AR students, and PO students should use the lasercutters in the PO studio.

Reservations are possible between starting from 9.00hrs and starting from 16.00hrs in blocks of one hour each. Outside these times or inbetween our lasercutters can be used depending on demand in blocks of 30 minutes each. The time before 9.00hrs and after 17.00hrs is reserved for maintenance and as buffer in case of force majeure, according to the availability of our staff.

Always make sure you're well prepared when you want to lasercut, check your files for mistakes. Read the manuals and check the list of common Illustrator errors. Remember that we also have various alternatives for lasercutting; our staff will gladly advise you about our large offer of hand tools and machines for woodworking, useful free or open source software, CNC cutting and milling machines, and plenty of useful techniques for modelbuilding. We are regularly organizing workshops about different techniques.

Also remind that from 1 January 2019 onwards you can only pay by bank card in the Mekano, due to the 'Cashless Campus' policy of University of Antwerp.