Laser cutting with the Epilog 36EXT

Make sure your Illustrator file meets all the standards required for lasercutting. You can refresh your memory in our basic Illustrator for Lasercutting Manual.

Check in at our desk before proceeding to the lasercutting room. You should have your files ready for cutting on a USB stick. During your cutting work you are not allowed to leave the lasercutter room. Don't bring your friends to the lasercutting room, it is a working and not a meeting room. Make sure you know how to operate the machine before you decide to use it.

From the Illustrator 'File' menu, choose 'Print'.

In the 'Print' window make sure you have selected the Epilog Engraver and click 'Setup'.

In the next window you click 'Voorkeuren/Preferences'.

This will lead you to the Epilog lasercutter software. Under the tab 'Advanced' you will find the most common presets for the materials we use in the lasercutter. Make sure you choose the right preset for your material, when in doubt ask help from our staff.

After selecting your material, click 'Load'. This is important! Don't click 'OK' before you selected and loaded the proper material setting.

Wait a few seconds until your material is loaded and click 'OK'.

In the next window you click 'Print'.

Next, select 'Epilog 900x600' as Media Size.

In the final print dialog you'll see a preview of your file as it will be cut. Make sure your file is positioned in the top left corner. If your file is smaller than the page you can move it by choosing the top left corner in 'Placement'. Click 'Print' to send your file to the Epilog 36EXT lasercutter.

If you did everything right you should see your file on the Epilog 36EXT lasercutter control panel.

Open the cover of the lasercutter carefully with the black handle under the control panel and place your material in the top left corner of the machine. Take care not to damage the cutting bed or the lens unit of the machine. Damaged or dirty parts will result in poor cutting result and finally stop the machine from working properly. Ask help from our staff if you have doubts about placing your material. Never put more than one sheet in the machine and make sure the cutting bed is clean and no clutter from previous cuts is left. Your material should be perfectly flat on the cutting bed.

After placing your material, close the cover of the machine carefully. Make sure you have the air assist on and you have the ventilation on. If you are not sure, ask our staff for help. You can now press the magic button 'Start' on the machine to cut your file.

The machine will first focus on the thickness of your material and then start cutting. If your file also has engraving lines, they will be done after the cutting is finished. For some thin materials you can choose to engrave first and then cut, check 'cut_engrave' or 'engrave_cut' in the Epilog software. Remember you always need at least one red line if you plan to only engrave!

Do not open the cover of the machine while it is operating, when in doubt about proper cutting you can press 'Stop' on the control panel and ask help from our staff.

When the cutting is done, wait 30 seconds before opening the cover to make sure all exhaust gases are gone. Take out all your pieces and waste material, you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove small pieces but take care not to damage the cutting bed of the machine.

Put your waste material in the proper garbage containers and leave the lasercutter room tidy. Checkout at our desk and pay your bill.